Mutterpass Etui


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  • 100% organic leather (IVN, Biokreis and ECARF certified)


  • Recycled polyester (made from recycled plastic bottles)
  • Pocket for maternity pass
  • Pocket for four insurance cards

Designed in Germany Handmade in Italy

  • 18,50 cm x 15,50 cm x 1,00 cm

SAOLAS leather is made from the finest cattle hides. Gentle and regular treatment of the leather ensures that its beauty and suppleness is retained for years to come. The leather can be easily cleaned by removing dust and light dirt with a soft, damp cloth. For deeper stains or concerns, we recommend cleaning by leather professionals.

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Product Description

The Maternity Etui (Mutterpass) is the answer to the question that every mom to be is just starting to ask – with the first positive pregnancy test, the first doctor’s appointment, and the first sound of your baby’s heartbeat, “how do I prepare for my baby?”

The Mutterpass is the perfect place for your insurance card and all the scans of your little one. This pregnancy diary is the record keeper and meant to be taken along with you for every prenatal appointment, so that you have everything you need on hand, always!

With an easily accessible compartment designed to fit the standard Mutterpass (pregnancy diary for our non-German speaking friends), four insurance or credit card slots, and the Mutterpass still has room for more!

The SAOLAS Mutterpass is designed from the same luxurious bio-farmed, non-toxic leather as our bags, aligned with our commitment to ethical livestock welfare and living standards. SAOLAS leather is tanned with natural vegetable dye instead of the common heavy metal-containing tanning and pesticide-preservatives. Our commitment provides you with allergy-free, eco, and baby-friendly leather – redefining what it truly means to be “luxury leather”!

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