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  • Gold colored hardware
  • Gold-plated SAOLAS logo and zippers
  • Leather handle with a drop height of 23 cm
  • Zip closure at top
  • Side pockets for two bottles
  • Discreet backpack converter / adjustable shoulder strap
  • Extra stroller loops


  • Recycled polyester lining with embossed Symbol logo (made from Rec-PET bottles)
  • Comfortable padded changing mat: 100% eco-friendly and water-repellent Ariaprene®
  • Inside pockets for diapers and baby wipes
  • Purse closure with zip
  • Secure key, cards, passport and cell phone pocket
  • 3 removable Ariaprene® baby bags with leather handles: for baby food, baby care and clothes
  • 1 pacifier loop
  • Padded laptop bag 33cm (13'')

Designed in Germany

Handmade in Italy

  • 30cm x 45cm x 15cm
  • Leather Handle Drop: 30cm in
  • Shoulder strap - Max: 150cm
  • Weight empty bag: 1.5
  • Stroller loops:

The SAOLAS diaper bag is designed to be compatible with most strollers - carabiner closures allow for easy attachment to the stroller or buggy

  • Not included in the delivery:

First aid bag

SAOLAS leather is made from the finest cattle hides. Gentle and regular treatment of the leather ensures that its beauty and suppleness is retained for years to come. The leather can be easily cleaned by removing dust and light dirt with a soft, damp cloth. For deeper stains or concerns, we recommend cleaning by leather professionals.

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Product Description

Our luxurious travel diaper bag keeps perfectly organized on outings with your infant. It comes with discreet trolley sleeve and loops that allow it to be seamlessly converted into a backpack or be attached to a suitcase. Five different carry options allow for maximum versatility and wearability. Intelligent design details are evident throughout the full range of SAOLAS diaper bags but the signature SAOLAS bag shines as the perfect, fully-equipped travel diaper bag.  It’s been expertly hand crafted to meet all your needs as a parent on the go.

+ Pouches + Pockets + Zipper Iconography

The SAOLAS features three detachable pouches for baby clothes, care items, and an insulated pouch for baby food.  The beauty of these detachable pouches is the ease with which they can be snapped into place or removed to suit any occasion.  Fixed interior diaper and baby wipes pockets give a quick visual reference on whether they need restocking.   Two side pockets allow for easy access to baby and water bottles.

+ Luxe Changing Mat

All SAOLAS diaper bags come equipped with our signature luxe changing mats – crafted in eco-friendly Ariaprene® and sustainable, dense foam that comfortably cushions your baby.

As the very raison d’être of a changing mat is cleanliness, these materials allow for easy cleaning with a quick wipe.

The changing mat for THE SAOLAS diaper bag are available in two gorgeous pattern.

  1. A jungle pattern (in sweet pink or arctic ice) that shows the beautiful jungle of the anamites highlighting the endangers saolas mamalas and other animals. The look and find pattern is an homage of Wimmelbook author A. Mitgutsch.
  2. A very cheerful, modern and puristic pattern with toucans in sweet pink or turquoise green.
+ Extra Features

The SAOLAS provides a fixed zipper wallet compartment to ensure you will always know where your wallet is – no more rummaging around trying to find what you need. The same goes for a designated key ring, mobile pocket, pacifier loop, and stroller loops.  A detachable 13” padded tablet sleeve is a handy bonus feature in The SAOLAS diaper bag – this showcases its versatility and adaptability, particularly as you and your baby transition through the different stages of parenthood.

+ Sustainability

Handcrafted by master artisans in Italy from bio-farmed, chrome-free leather, SAOLAS commitment to adhering to Biokreis guidelines ensures that cattle are humanely treated following ethical livestock welfare and living standards.  SAOLAS leathers are tanned with natural vegetable dye instead of the common heavy metal-containing tanning and pesticide-preservatives. Our commitment provides you with allergy-free, eco and baby friendly leathers – redefining what it truly means to be “luxury leather.

+ The SAOLAS Touch

Elegant, gold plated external zippers and delicately embossed SAOLAS lettering showcase the beauty of SALAOS’ distinctive logo.  Delicate yet durable gold color chain links elevate any occasion. The embossed logo on the bottom exterior of the bag is the quality assured seal of a handcrafted SAOLAS bag.


The SAOLAS is named to highlight the Saolas of Vietnam and Laos.   Nicknamed “the Asian Unicorn”,  the Saola scientifically known as “Pseudoryx ngethinhensis” is one of the world’s rarest and most mysterious large animal species existing only in the Annamite mountains of Laos and Vietnam.

These graceful creatures resemble antelope but are in fact a cousin of cattle.  As WWF describes it their discovery was the first of a large animal species in half a century and one of the most spectacular zoological discoveries of the twentieth century.

First discovered in Vietnam in 1992, saolas are thought to be numbered only in the hundreds and face extinction without immediate action due to loss of forests, native habitats, and the risks of trapping, snaring, and illegal hunting. Without collective action, these precious animals may disappear in our lifetimes.

To learn more please visit our sustainability page and our partners at Save the SAOLA Working Group at and at

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