First Aid Pouch -
First Aid Pouch -
First Aid Pouch -
First Aid Pouch -
First Aid Pouch -
First Aid Pouch -
First Aid Pouch -
First Aid Pouch -
First Aid Pouch -
First Aid Pouch -
First Aid Pouch -

First Aid Pouch


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  • 100% organic leather (IVN, Biokreis and ECARF certified)


  • Recycled polyester (made from recycled plastic bottles)
  • Pocket for maternity pass
  • Pocket for four insurance cards

Designed in Germany
Handmade in Italy

17,00cm x 12,00x 3,00cm

Sterilized First Aid filling for children (by Lena Werke)

  • gauze bandage
  • 1 wound compress (10 cm x 10 cm, sterile)
  • 1 wound compress (5 cm x 5 cm, sterile)
  • 1 plaster set for children
  • 1 tweezer (8 cm)
  • Finger bandages (12 cm X 2cm)
  • 2 wet wipes (alcohol free)
  • 2 vinyl gloves, loose
  • 1 pair of small scissors (10cm)
  • 1 first aid manual for children

All SAOLAS leather is crafted from the finest bio-farmed leather in the world. Gentle and periodic treatment of the leather will ensure that its beauty and suppleness will be maintained for years to come. The leather can be lightly cleaned to remove any dust and light dirt with a soft, damp cloth. For deeper stains or concerns, we recommend the use of a speciality leather care products or cleaning by leather professionals.

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Product Description


Fitting snugly into your mom bag, this pouch is perfect for those inevitable bumps, scrapes, and scratches that come with a happy, healthy, and adventurous childhood. Whether your little one is just learning to crawl or already exploring the great outdoors, SAOLAS has them covered with our First Aid Bag. And don't worry about the extra space in the pouch - we designed it that way so you can personalize it to fit your needs! Please keep in mind that this basic first aid kit is not comprehensive, so please consult a doctor to stock it with the appropriate items for your family.


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