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First Aid PouchThe PANTHERA

Carry me home

Compartmentalize your belongings!

Similar like Marie Kondo this chic diaper bag will keep your cool once you leave the house and stay organized. MATCH WITH a snap in first aid pouch and the medical diary.

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Travel in style

Oversized leather mommy bag

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Don't take our word for it


The bags will accompany me with pleasure in everyday mommy life

Helene Fischer

Singer and girl mom @helenefischer


The bags are so, so beautiful and precious.

Farina Opoku

Content creator for beauty, fashion, lifestyle, home and mom of Nola @novalanalove


This glamourous and stylish bag is also absolutely great for a city stroll or a date night with your partner or sister!

Alexandra Lapp

Entrepreneuer, columnist, blogger & influencer, @alexandralapp


This is such an amazing bag

Fiona Erdmann

Model mami & social media influencer @fionaerdmann


This bag is perfectly planned down to every centimeter

Nadine Tosun

fashion blogger and mom @nadinetosun


My SAOLAS is a bag for life

Janina Balali

Travel and lifestyle blogger @ferntastisch


I really love the design and concept behind SAOLAS

Farah Hassan

Content creator, fashion designer, mom of Bella @farahhassanofficial


It's all there for the baby. We could also go on vacation for three weeks

Jennifer Knäble

VIP Bunte Gloss presenter and mom of little Carl @jennifer.knaeble


All the bags and accessories from SAOLAS are a dream

Nadine Sobotzik

teacher and mom blogger @nadine_sobotzik

Story behind SAOLAS

SAOLAS was created in response to its founder, Stefanie's difficulties in finding a diaper bag that had function, form, and a style that fit her needs as a frequent traveler and working professional.  

After years of working internationally, managing an American automotive supplier plant in Indonesia, she was used to certain preciseness in her life and felt that the birth of her daughter should not completely end her love for fashion or order.

When Stefanie couldn’t find the bag that she was looking for without sacrificing her sense of style, she started sketching the first designs of the SAOLAS bags that you see today!