Our beautifully designed, sustainable products answer every parent’s dilemma; that deep desire to be the best parent possible without sacrificing your personal style and ethos.

Stefanie Hook, founder & creator of SAOLAS, was driven to create SAOLAS upon becoming a mother and discovering that a leather diaper bag that was ethical, luxurious, AND intuitively designed seemed to be as mythical as a unicorn.

SAOLAS combines renowned German quality with masterful Italian craftsmanship. Our bags and accessories are designed to be intuitive – giving you more time to spend on the things that matter, instead of worrying and wondering if you’ve packed extra diapers or your baby’s favorite pacifier. Equally importantly, SAOLAS signature diaper bags are designed to easily shift between the work and home, with padded laptop and tablet cases..

Once you hold your baby in your arms for the very first time, it truly clicks into place how important sustainability is. You want the best for your child, not just in this precious moment but in all their moments, for all their lives. Simply put: sustainability matters.


It matters for us too. That’s why instead of equating “luxury” with the use of exotic leathers of endangered species, SAOLAS has pioneered the use of rare, bio-farmed cow hides in luxury leather. SAOLAS commitment to adhering to strict Biokreis guidelines ensures that cattle are humanely treated, well-regulated and follow ethical livestock welfare and living standards. Going one step further, SAOLAS leathers are tanned with chrome-free or natural vegetable dyes, instead of the heavy metal-containing tanning and pesticide-preservatives common within the leather industry.

Our commitment provides you with certified allergy-free, eco and baby friendly leather that you can proudly carry anytime, anywhere.

SAOLAS bags are built to last and designed to transition seamlessly with you throughout the different stages of parenthood and professional life. There will come a day when you no longer need to pack diapers, but you will always want to carry your all-time favourite SAOLAS!